Letter from the Founder

The living room days buy Pregabalin cheap uk

It started with a few guys wanting to learn a few dance moves.

One living room dance lesson over beers quickly caught fire into a weekly ritual with 8 guy friends. As the weeks went on and the guys rocked new steps, they revealed that they were actually enjoying dancing, feeling more comfortable, and meeting great people during nights out. Awesome.

I was stoked and curious enough about this business niche to leave my job in college admissions and set out to build The 8Count. Officially my favorite umshitwhatamIdoing? moment in my life thus far.

A deeper dive

Since those earliest days, there was a uniting thread among The 8Count clients: they came to learn moves, feel more comfortable in their skin, and connect with themselves and others.

This ran deeper than dance moves alone. As I coached clients for the dance floor, I heard about them feeling lost in multiple aspects of their lives: Career confusion. Dating triumphs and tribulations. Picking up and moving to Europe (or wait, will that ruin my professional life)? The rollercoaster ride of pressures and uncertainty.

I craved tools to help my clients navigate these experiences in a meaningful way. They inspired me to train as a professional coach and to offer services for both the dance floor and for personal and professional arenas.

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I work with you as you discover what makes you tick. Finding your rhythm, as I call it.

This can be through dance coaching, where we play with moves and get you out of your head. It can be through personal and professional coaching, where we get grounded in what matters to you and what you want to build in your relationships, profession, health and lifestyle.

As my clients you are bright, driven, and hungry for meaningful direction. You are so friggin’ ready to shake off the distracting noise and figure out what makes you feel genuine and purposeful. You are aware that life is short, and you are ready to make yours fulfillingly sweet.

I am honored to partner with you as your find your rhythm, on and off the dance floor.

With gratitude,

M.A. Sociology, Stanford University
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


Meet Annemarie

Annemarie “Ree” Estess has been teaching people to groove for over a decade. She performed with and directed dance companies while studying at Stanford University, where she earned her B.A. in Human Biology and M.A. in Sociology. She has since trained with the Coaches Training Institute through their Coaching Certification and international Leadership programs.

She spent the earlier portion of her career in undergraduate admissions at Stanford and heading up client relationships for an online education startup in SF.

It’s standard to find her heatin’ up the dance floor with friends, having amateur jam sessions on the guitar, and splashing around in the Bay sans wetsuit.