Personal & Professional Development Coaching

Why Coaching?

here The 8Count Coaching supports high-achieving young professionals who are stressed by trying to do it all, do it perfectly — and still have an actual personal life.

You are accomplished and crushing it in so many ways. Yet something feels off. The prospect of making changes just seems overwhelmingly tangled and uncertain.

This uncertainty need not be painted as a “quarter-life crisis.” It’s a natural moment of taking stock and exploring the question: generic Deltasone usa What’s next for me?

Could you capably navigate this on your own? You bet. But you want to invest in yourself and have a dedicated ally to provide structure, resources, and support.

The Coaching FocusPPDCoaching_Image1 Our coaching partnership helps you develop tools to feel more grounded as the leader of your own life. We will focus on:

  • Identifying core values and dynamic goals
  • Deepening awareness of self and others
  • Intentionally evaluating tough decisions
  • Practicing stress-management and mindfulness techniques
  • Designing key actions and accountability

Process & Packages

  • 2 sessions / month
  • 60-minute sessions via phone or in-person (SF Presidio)
  • Customized support between coaching meetings
  • 6-Month Package (12 Sessions): $125 / session
  • 4-Month Package (8 Sessions): $150 / session


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Annemarie holds a Master’s in Sociology (Social Psychology & Interpersonal Processes) from Stanford University and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.