A Letter

from The 8Count Founder

Hello there!

It is bittersweet to share the news that after 6 years of coaching people to feel more confident on the dance floor, I am wrapping up this chapter of The 8Count and launching into a new journey: London calls!

From London, I will be growing my next venture, 20 Rock, a leadership development company dedicated to supporting Emerging Leaders as they step into higher-impact positions.  

I am also jazzed to be joining my fiance in England. In him I have found a partner of incredible warmth, care, intelligent geekery, and love of life. Win!

If you landed here in search of dance lessons so that you can bust a move without feeling terribly tense … thumbs up! Great times on dancefloors await you. See below for referrals to a few other strongly-reviewed dance instructors in SF.


May you be well and live it up, on and off the dance floor.

Annemarie / ‘Ree’
Founder, The 8Count
Co-Founder, 20 Rock

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